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Line/Copy Editing

provided by

Hope Vincent

Review and analysis of spelling, grammar and punctuation, verb tenses, phrasing, and flow of thought.  Will also check for repetition, consistency, and continuity.  Sentences will not be rewritten but suggestions will be made, potential issues pointed out.

Rate is $0.007 USD

per word for two read- throughs. Manuscripts under 14,000 words will be a flat fee of $100.00 USD

Send me five pages of your work and I will do a sample edit. Test drive before you buy!

provided by
Jess Rose

Proofreading is done post-edit on a final draft.  Review includes a thorough check for spelling errors and analysis of sentence structure with strong emphasis placed on consistency of story.  Notes/comments will be provided - I have an uncanny ability to pick up on oddities and visual mismatches that escape the eye of most.

Rate is $0.0035 USD per word for one read- through. Manuscripts under 14,000 words will be a flat fee of $50.00 USD.  

** All submissions are required to be in Times New Roman format and double-spaced **

Services are offered and priced individually.


For the most productive Flat Earth Editing experience, we recommend utilizing both our editing and proofreading services.


     All payments are accepted via PayPal. Upon completion of service(s), word count will be determined and an

invoice generated.

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